Body By Nature Fitness Studio isn’t your typical gym. It’s a welcoming, affirmative, and progressive fitness environment. You won’t find big intimidating equipment inside. The essence of the BBN approach is that nature provides almost everything you need to achieve optimal fitness. We throw in a few cool tools and a range of activities for workouts that are diverse, fun and highly effective.  Yes, you will feel it the next day!

Our workouts cover all the bases and include core, cardio, mobility and upper/lower body strength training activities. We guide you through each activity (easy stuff- we promise) and supervise you for proper form and technique. We assess your performance for the best way to encourage and pull you toward a better workout every session-- not push or pressure you risking injury (and annoyance).  You’ll love our training style and the results!

BBN’s workouts are for every fitness level and appeal to men and women alike. Whether you’re an experienced athlete, weekend fitness buff, or just starting on your fitness journey-- BBN Fitness Studio can help you achieve greater fitness and a better body. We provide a fantastic workout and empower you with the confidence and knowledge to stick with your fitness routine. And you can take our workouts with you! Many of our activities can easily be done at home or on the road.

We’d love to have you come by the studio and see what the Body By Nature way is all about.  Check out our Group Classes and Private Training Programs!

Looking for a referral to a wellness professional? Our network features a number of the Chicago area’s most talented health enthusiasts including nutritionists, massage therapists and other wellness professionals.

Are you a Personal Trainer or other wellness provider looking for a space to rent on an as-needed basis?  BBN Training Studio offers reasonable rental rates.



The BBN Fitness Studio is designed by owner Charles Shepard, who uses his expertise and research to hand-pick each of the tools in the studio and design fitness programs that are results-oriented, enjoyable, and empower the client with knowledge and confidence. 


Charles has been helping clients achieve their health & fitness goals since 1998.  As an accomplished young athlete nationally ranked in track and field events, he been a lifetime devotee of fitness. A student of the International Sports Science Association and the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Charles started working in the health & fitness industry in 1992 as a fitness equipment consultant.  His proprietary approach skillfully combines the science of training with the art of application, delivering state-of-the-art fitness programs that are effective, efficient and fun. 


body by nature fitness studio

3660 N. Lake Shore Dr. |  Suite 202
Chicago, IL 60613


Parking is available one block west on Broadway and in the Recreation Drive parking lot on the east side of Lake Shore Dr. 


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  • Registration fees for BBN training programs are not "transferable" to private sessions.

  • Only registered or intended participants area allowed to participate in any BBN group training session.

  • Children ages 6 and older are allowed in the studio but must remain behind the gray lines in the lounge area at all times.

  • BBN registration fees are applicable only to the particular program for which they were intended.

  • BBN registration fees are applicable only for the specific participant for which they were intended.

  • Each participant in a BBN training program, private or group, must register separately.

  • There is no grace period for all BBN group training sessions. Any participant arriving after the scheduled start time will not be allowed to participate. No excuses, no exceptions.

  • A strict 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all BBN clients.

  • Payments for private sessions / packages must be received 48 hours prior to the scheduled start time or that time frame will be considered 'open' and available.

  • There are no refunds or reschedules for cancelled session.