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BBN’s GameShape Training Program is an innovative athletic training program for young baseball players, ages 12-20. 

Our program applies the strategy utilized by the sport’s most elite players: use the limited time between practices and games on activities that develop agility and improve speed.

The game of baseball has changed. Run production is down and coaches are more focused on how to get the players that are on base across home plate. 

Effective base running is winning games, and fast, agile base runners are some of the team’s most valuable players.

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Our GameShape Training program makes young players better base runners. It is designed to improve a player’s sprinting technique, form, acceleration, and maximum speed using a combination of, Ballistic exercises, Plyometrics, Compound strength training, and Sprint workouts.

On the field, teams need to rely on agile defense skills to prevent players from getting on base. Our program improves fielding capabilities by developing quick hands and feet using simple yet effective exercises & drills.

The BBN Gameshape Training Program is an excellent investment for the serious young baseball player and other young athletes who wish to improve their speed and agility.

Emmanuel Scott: Varsity Catcher, St. Ignatius

Xavier Commitment


The 2019 Fall Strength & Agility program is designed to make sure the athlete takes a step forward in their overall strength and athleticism between seasons. We make sure the athlete SAFELY improves upper and lower body strength, core strength, while improving coordination, agility, mobility, and flexibility.

  • Improve overall strength

  • Improve speed and quickness

  • Improve strength through infinite ranges of motion

  • Improve grip strength

  • Enhance tendon / ligament strength

  • Reduce injury risk

  • Amplify upper / lower body explosiveness


Saturdays, Sept. 7th - Nov. 30th, 10AM - 11AM

Wednesdays, Sept 11th - Nov. 23rd, 6PM - 7PM


Body By Nature Training Studio, 3660 N. Lake Shore Drive, 2nd floor (inside the New York Private Residence Building)

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Oz Park 13U Fall Speed & Strength Series

If you're serious about having a productive baseball season next spring and the high school seasons to follow, NOW is the time to put the prep for your 2020 season in 5th gear.

This 8 week series will focus on the fundamental elements of getting stronger, faster, more agile, better balanced & coordinated, more powerful, and establishing the base upon which the athlete will be faster and more productive on the field.

NO, we will NOT do ab crunches...because it doesn't make a better baseball player.
NO, we will NOT do biceps curls.....because they don't make a better baseball player.

YES, we will use the most progressive tools and techniques to improve fast-twitch recruitment, force production, reaction time, coordination, and all other components of being BETTER at BASEBALL.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Oz Park 13U Fall Speed & Strength